Typing SFX Maker

Typing SFX Maker is a Kontakt instrument aimed at creating realistic post production typing sounds. Create typing SFX in seconds by “performing” what the actor on screen is doing on a computer, device or mouse.



  • 10 Keyboards, 3 Tablet, 7 Mouse
  • 2 GUIs: Full Keyboard or Dropdown.
  • Left, Right hand typing with Spacebar & 10 round robins each.
  • Release triggers for realistic pressing and releasing sounds.
  • Close & Room Microphone positions for mixing flexibility.
  • Effects Section: EQ, Compressor, Distortion, Reverb.
  • Waveform Viewer.
  • Display Window shows the model Keyboard/Mouse being triggered.

If you do not know the difference between Kontakt Player vs Kontakt Full please do not buy this product. This product willl NOT work in Kontakt Player. You will have to buy Kontakt Full from Native instruments to be able to use this product.

Wide Variety of Computer Keyboards. From Modern Apple thin Button Keyboards to Springy Dell Keyboards. 

Laptop Keyboards and Toy Keyboards

Smartphones, Tablets and Mice 

Each Keyboard, Mouse & Tablet has been multisampled to include Round Robins. These help create an element of realism because single samples are randomly repeated and the same one is not heard one after the other which helps minimize the “Machine Gun” effect.  Each Keyboard was sampled using the best “common” sounding keys while the space bar is availble as a separate set of samples.

Using pre made keyboard samples available from sound libraries means having to either edit each little key press from the action of the scene or having to deal with the sonic imprint of it. With Foleysoft’s Typing SFX the idea is to “play” whats going on in the screen and follow the actors actions. Individual samples which have been cleaned and premixed will have a much more neutral sound that will be more flexible during the mixing process.


-Generic Business

-Logictech Modern

-Logictech Solar

-Logictech Springy

-Apple Keyboard

-Verbatim Keyboard

-Toy Keyboard



-Dell Inspiron

-Macbook Pro




-Toy iPad


-Amazon Mouse

-Apple Mighty Mouse

-Logictech M325

-HP Mouse

-Logictech White

-Tekneck Red

-Logictech Blue



-Kontakt 5.8+ Full Needed. (No Serial number will be provided)

-350 Mb in size

-48k Samples 

-Wavs available in Sample folder

Typing SFX Maker provides an alternative to editing keyboard sound effects one by one to match the action on screen when an actor is in front of a desktop computer, laptop computer or devices. 10 Keyboard models where sampled with 3 dynamic ranges (soft, medium, hard) and 10 round robins each velocity. Different randomized keys from the left and right of the keyboard where sampled to provide a more nuanced approach as well as sampling the space bar for added realism. This technique was also used for sampling 3 laptops.

In addition to the keyboards, there are 7 mouse models and 3 devices that where sampled with round robin and right/left hand. A bonus of a toy keyboard and toy ipad are included. Each round robins release sound (sound of letting go fo the key) has been separated to provide further realism on each individual keybaord stroke.

Keyboard SFX Maker will help not only to provide a more present and defined typing sound effect but also help on International M&E where production sounds are removed and SFX need to be redone. With 2 mic positions, Keyboard SFX maker will provide sound flexibility for mixing with or without production depending on your needs.

There are two GUI versions of the same instrument. All in One GUI includes all keyboards, laptops, devices and Mouse samples in one keyboard for easy and fast access to choosing keyboard type. And Dropdown version GUI lets you choose the keyboard on the dropdown menu to select the desired keyboard/mouse/device and play it in the same keyboard notes which is ideal for small midi keyboard.

Two Instrument Modes


-Kontakt 5.8+ Full Version. (Kontakt Player Version will not work, please search the differences before buying)

-Mac or PC.

-A DAW that loads VST, AU, AAX.


Kontakt Player vs Kontakt Full? DAWs?

Kontakt has a free version and a paid version. This Sample library is for the paid version of Kontakt. The sample folder of this product contains regular wavs so you can use them as normal wavs if you dont have kontakt full but the intention is to use Kontakt Full Version. 

License Terms

These sounds are royalty free and can be used for video games, tv, films, tech videos, and any other media and form. You can edit and make up your own version of the sounds. As long as you do not upload to torrent/web sharing and do not make competing products, you may use them as you wish. That Includes sending separate wav files to your clients in the form of stems and other post production related deliverables. Also for larger post studios this license will work for everyone in the studio. Please considered buying separate copies for large post houses / companies.


Serial Number? Demo? How to use?

If your Kontakt app is asking for a serial number then you are using the free version of kontakt and this sample library will not work . Wav files are still available to use.

You will need to download Kontakt 5.8 (Full Version) or above, then open it in your DAW and drag this product’s nki to the Kontakt interface and will automatically load. We suggest using the Quickload menu to find nki easily. This product will not load on the left pane of Kontakt because it is not a Kontakt Player version.

To download this product please go to your downloads section of your account in Foleysoft and select the download link. Kontakt Full files are .nki and you only have to drag it into Kontakt Full. 



Sorry, since its a downloadable product returns are not accepted. Please make sure you understand the difference between Kontakt Full vs Player version as this is the main reason someone would buy it and need to return it.