Roomtone Creator

RoomTone Creator is a Kontakt (Full) Instrument that contain 49 looped ambiences of common rooms to help dialogue editors and re-recording mixers bridge the gap between production sound and ease transitions between takes.

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  • 49 Room Tones In Wav Format
  • Kontakt GUI to Playback Easily 49 room tone Samples .
  • Mix and match samples to create custom room tones matching any scene
  • Royalty Free
  • Onboard Effects EQ, Reverb.
  • Mic positions for tone variations.
  • Loop playback and sample start selector.

Roomtone creator contains 49 simple room tones to help dialog editors and re-recording mixers ease transitions and gaps in production sound. The 49 looped ambiences of different frequencies and tones are all available on the tip of the fingers which enables fast preview and combinations by just hitting different midi keys. The Kontakt engine also boasts several effects like reverb and eq for further tweaking. Sometimes ambiences are meant to be places on a SFX stem but dialogue might need some extra help when delivering its stems without abrupt break noticeable once its isolated. With Roomtone creator, it will be easy to find and match the production sound and layer it across a scene for fast and easy transitions.


  • -49 Custom Roomtone files
  • -Kontakt Gui for Fast Workflows
  • -350 Mb in size
  • -48k Samples 
  • -Wavs available in Sample folder

System Requirements

  • -Kontakt 6+ Full (Will not work on Free|Player Version)
  • -Mac or Windows (Including Buying & Downloading)
  • -Any DAW (Check Native Instruments Kontakt Specs)
  • -Wav files will work on any audio app


License Terms

These sounds are royalty free and can be used for video games, tv, films, tech videos, and any other media and form. You can edit and make up your own version of the sounds. As long as you do not upload to torrent/web sharing and do not make competing products, you may use them as you wish. That Includes sending separate wav files to your clients in the form of stems and other post production related deliverables. Also for larger post studios this license will work for everyone in the studio.  


Kontakt Player? DAWs?

Kontakt has a free version and a paid version. This Sample library is for the paid version of Kontakt. The sample folder of this product contains regular wavs so you can use them as normal wavs if you dont have kontakt full. 

Serial Number?

If your Kontakt app is asking for a serial number then you are using the free version of kontakt and this sample library will not work in that kontakt player. Wav files are still availbale to use.

How was it made?

Using a lot of NI Reaktor Ensembles for SFX, Also synths and modifiying real sounds. A lot of editing and DSP.