HUD SFX Maker Vol.2

SFX Maker vol2 is a set of costom made sounds there where created by Modular Synths and Processed with state of the art effects processor. These are packed inside Kontakt FULL to be played and mixed to create unique combinations all while using the Kontakt Interface and effects to process them. Wav files are also available separatley.




  • 88 Sounds.
  • Made using Modular Synth and Advance Audio Processors.
  • Included Kontakt (Full Version) to Customize Sounds.
  • Separate Wav Available.
  • Available as an Instrument Plugin in AAX, VST, AU for Mac and PC




To use the Kontakt Version you will need to own Kontakt Full. This will not work with Kontakt Player. If a “Demo” Appears its  Kontakt Player. Please make sure to understand the differences before Buying.

Kontakt Full works for all PC and Mac Version. This product was made with Kontakt 5 and only Kontakt 5 and above will work. Wav Files are available in the Samples Folder and these are 48k 24bit.

How to Install?

Kontakt Player is a Free sampler that can be downloaded from Once installed, you enter the serial number provided by us to download and install the foleystep library using the Native app installer from NI. 

What is Kontakt (Full)?

Kontakt Player is the underlying plugin enabling Foleysoft Footsteps engine. It is a free plugin downloaded from Native and after installing it in your VST, AU or AAX application you will use your serial number we provided to download the product also from Native Instruments via their Native Access app.

In short, go to Native Instruments website and download Kontakt Player and Native Access, input our serial and download the product. Then go to your DAW/NLE  and summon Kontakt Player and Foleysoft footsteps will apear in the left browser. Select Assembly and start performing. There are many videos about kontakt player online so please check those out if you have issues.

Are samples available in Wav files?

No, samples are only inside Foleysoft footstep sample library. You can record a few steps and bounce to wav. 

Easiest is to have an instrument track with an output to an audio track and record both midi and audio at the same time and later ajust the timing. 

How to use?

The easiest way is to create an instrument track on your DAW and later record the output into an audio track. You can also create a hosting track and send midi via a midi track. Either way, a MIDI keyboard controller is the easiest way to perform the steps.  There are 6 shoe types with assignable surfaces so the best way is to create 6 different midi/audio tracks and tackle similar scenes at onces. If a scene happens in a cabin with several characters then load a midi/audio track for each character. In the event that two characters use the same shoe type then try using the pitch shift to change the sound of one of the shoe types. Then sequence/record one character at a time and later edit the waveform for sync accuracy. Repeat for each character and once done, go to the next similar scene (indoor cabin) and repeat the process. Later do outdoors or coffee shop etc. 

License Terms

These sounds are royalty free and can be used for video games, tv, films, tech videos, and any other media and form. You can edit and make up your own version of the sounds. As long as you do not upload to torrent/web sharing and do not make competing products, you may use them as you wish. That Includes sending separate wav files to your clients in the form of stems and other post production related deliverables. Also for larger post studios this license will work for everyone in the studio. Native Instruments allows several installs for the same account. But any additional account will beed to be a separate purchase. For Video Games, the samples can be rendered and triggered by the game engine but you cannot use the samples to create an application for footstep foley, which would be a competing product. Please read our manual and license for more details.