Foleysoft Footsteps

Create great sounding foley footsteps for any scene with a collection of 6 shoe types and 14 surfaces. Round robin and front step vs heel variation options creates a flexible approach to any scene to match production or international M&E. Assign different cloths to each shoe type for greater realism and blending. 

Original price was: $149.99.Current price is: $129.99.


  • 6 Shoe types

  • 14 Surfaces

  • 7 cloths

  • 4 Mic Positions

  • Walk, Pace, Run & Scuffs Articulations

  • Separate Triggers for Front vs Heel Step


  • EQ, Compression and Reverb FX

  • Individual Settings For each Shoe.

  • Selectable Surface Per Shoe

  • Kontakt Player

  • 200,000+ Individual Samples

  • 3 Years in the Making




Men Shoes

Women Shoes




The Core Concept

We learned from working with our own foley footstep library on hundreds of FOX, Disney, Universal and Sony TV shows and movies that to be able to match the realism and speed of the foley artist we needed more customization options and an ability to work fast in a DAW. We undertook many years of developing our own internal methods to deal with fast deadlines without compromising quality. One option stood out; the ability to have the front step and also the back of the step in separate triggers (midi notes). This setup opens up the amount of step sounds or “articulations” available for one scene without having to dig into sample files that are long to just find a few steps or have a limited pallete with just one step.


Having the front step sample can easily be used as a quick and small scuff, or a change in pace of the actor, or be used for a second actor thats not moving much etc etc. And having the heel sound separated can be useful for steps when a character on screen is positioned relative far away and a full step would sound out of place. And of course, having both available at the same time as well as the front  and heel of the other step types (waslk, pace, run, scuff) opens even more the sonic pallete needed for quick deadline turnarounds.  Additionally, all 6 shoe types are available in one patch and each step, no matter if its front vs heel or scuff, has 4 mic positions. Plus, each shoe type also has its own pan, EQ , compression and reverb for added flexibility.  

Once we found out this was the core idea for realism and speed,  we started recording new steps in a AAA professional recording studio. Later we had to edit thousands of files and mapped 200,000+ individual wav files onto kontakt and script them onto our custom GUI to be able to access the 4 mic positions and individual controls. And make the process of foley steps with our sample library be the fastest way possible without compromising quality.  Thanks to 5 years of working non stop with network tv shows and not finding current foley step libraries all that useful we where able to create what worked best for the task of foley steps. And after 3 years of development we are happy to introduce this new library to other sound designers, audio engineers, filmmakers and others who will find it as useful as we do. Its hard to easily convey how vast and flexible this footstep sample library is since its purpose is to make it easy on the user and therefore made the GUI deceptively simple as its power under the hood is unparallel. 


Footstep Engine Details

Works inside of Kontakt Player, a free sampler that works in all DAWs. 

Foleysoft Footsteps works for Movie Post, also for Game Cinematic Cutscenes and any work involving syncing footsteps to a character movement.

Bonus Free Lemur Midi Template. Foleysoft Footsteps works with MIDI. You can buy a cheap MIDI keyboard online or you can use a wide selection of MIDI apps for Tablets and Smartphones. Lemur is one of the most well known Midi controller app and currently free. We provided a useful Lemur template to trigger the steps with your ipad. 


Easy License

We want a simple solution for Sound Designers in a bind, Video Editors on low budgets or that “Final Cut #5”  from one producer going behind the directors back that now needs new steps by tomorrow. With so many new outlets for media,  new challenges arise and sometimes a real foley artist (even though prefered) might not be feasible. Foleysoft’s Footsteps wants to be there to help when that happens and without tech or licensing getting in the way. 

Royalty Free

No need for extra fees or subscriptions. Any medium, any time. No hassles. Buy once and use it anytime, forever. 

One License to Rule Them All

One license works for a studio or individual. On how many computers are needed in the studio. 

Free Kontakt Player

Will work with the free Kontakt player from Native instrument. Any DAW is compatible. 

Most Used Shoe & Surface Combinations. 

  • Barefoot,
  • Sandals,
  • Sneakers,
  • Women Heels,
  • Men Heels,
  • Boots.


Our Approach to Footsteps

We realize that a foley artist can see a scene one time, grab a few objects and perform in real time making it fast and seemless. Not only sounding great but also doing it fast and adding that Hollywood magic. 

With many years of experience doing “finger foley” for many FOX, Disney and Warner TV shows and movies at times when the foley artists where busy, or using their own custom samples, we learned that for footsteps there are other inherit things that happen besides a normal footstep sample,  like moving a little away or closer to the microphone or adding a small “tok” between a step instead of a full slow step and scuff all the time.  We wanted to capture some of these smaller details and be able to perform it via finger foley. For this product we recorded all new samples using different mic tecniques and positions.  

This way offer a more flexible option for the sound performance. Recording with the greatest signal chains like Neumans mics and Grace preamps for a clear clean sound but have also a stereo x/y and room mics to help add  more depth to the samples. These have been common in orchestral music sample libraries. There is even a “very far away mic” for some extra wild sound design and options.  We’ve been around for a while working in Burbank CA so needless to say that if anyone needs a professional full foley pass and wants a great performance, and the budget allows it, then by all means please contact many of the foley artists available around Los Angeles and other cities. For anything else then check out our tools. 


Does it sound like a real foley artist? Checkout our blog for more info here


“Foleysoft Footsteps gave me the speed and sonic options I needed for a couple of Indie Films. I like its worflow and I will be using it a lot more for sure!”

John Becket

Post Production

“As a Filmmaker that wears many hats, Foleysoft Footsteps is a great tool to have in my arsenal”

Julian Cure

Filmmaker & Sound

“There is just nothing out there this flexible for foley foosteps. Foleysoft Footsteps gave options I did not know where possible. I like having the front and heel of the step separated and that way use it in different ways. Enables so many variables and realism!”

Ryoko Seta

Audio Engineer

Included Material

  • Asphalt
  • Carpet
  • Concrete,
  • Dirt,
  • Dry Grass,
  • Grass,
  • Gravel,
  • Hardwood,
  • Leaves,
  • Metal,
  • Rocks,
  • Snow,
  • Timber,
  • Wooden Planks.


  • Barefoot,
  • Sandals,
  • Sneakers,
  • Women Heels,
  • Men Heels,
  • Boots.
  • Cotton,
  • Jeans,
  • Leather,
  • Leather with Chains,
  • Nylon,
  • Skin,
  • Wood Sqeeks.
  • Small Booth,
  • Medium Booth,
  • Soft Room,
  • Small Ambience,
  • Small Room,
  • Closet,
  • Pantry,
  • Shower,
  • Gym Shower.

System Requirements

KONTAKT Version:Free Player or Full KONTAKT 5.8 or higher
Operating System:Mac OSX.10.8+ or Windows 10+
Hard Drive Space:2gb
DAW Plugins:VST, AAX, AU

Contact Us

info at

Burbank, CA

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What is this?

Foleysoft Footsteps is a sample library for Kontakt Player audio plugin that contains a huge asortment of footsteps audio samples. These samples can be “performed” via a Midi keyboard and the idea is to mimic the footsteps of actors on screen to enhance its sound or add step sounds if its missing. This is a type of movie process called Foley and normally performed by a foley artist. This foley step sample library is a product for video editors, sound engineers in a pinch and low budget prodcutions which let them do their own foley.

What makes Foleysoft Footsteps different?

One main advantage of Foleysoft Footsteps is samples have been separated into into heel and front step to be triggered individually if needed. Through extensive testing found out that having access to the front step at different velocites helped getting a less “mechanical” sound and more options for a realistic performance that worked wonders for our own projects that dealt with International M&E stems and even English mixes.  Besides the “Scuff”, these front or heel sample options enable more varieties of stopping sounds. They are also useful for when a character is changing directions when walking or stepping on a sidewalk that need a subtle difference. There are 3 main walk types plus the scuff and each walk type has full, front and heel and each shoe (layer) has different mic positions and effect options, which in all, created a very expressive performance sample library instrument for all sort of projects. 

License Terms

These sounds are royalty free and can be used for video games, tv, films, tech videos, and any other media and form. You can edit and make up your own version of the sounds as long as you do not upload to torrent/web sharing and do not make competing products, you may use them as you wish. Royalty Free Includes sending separate wav files to your clients in the form of “stems” and other post production related deliverables that will end up being used for a movie/game/etc. Also for larger post studios this license will work for everyone in the studio under the same Native Instruments default license agreement. For Video Games, the samples can be rendered and triggered by the game engines software and used to follow a character around but you cannot use the samples to develop an application to specifically create footstep foley for other end users, which would be a competing product. Please read our manual and license for more details. Downloadable product sales are final and non refundable and cannot be resold. 


How to Install?

You will first need to install Kontakt Player before using Foleysoft Footsteps. Kontakt Player is a Free sampler for all DAWs (AAX, VST, AU)  that can be downloaded from using their Native app. Once installed, use the license code available in your purchase email from us and follow the instructions on Native Instruments on how to add a new product. Kontakt Player is a Free product of Native Instruments and all spec and installation instructions will be available at Native Instruments. For any tech support regarding Kontakt Player installation please contact Native Instruments as we do not provide support for it. If you do not find the serial number please check your spam folder and email used to place the order. 

What is Kontakt Player?

Kontakt Player is the underlying plugin enabling Foleysoft Footsteps engine. It is a free plugin downloaded from Native and after installing it in your VST, AU or AAX application you will use your serial number we provided to download the product also from Native Instruments via their Native Access app. 

In short, go to Native Instruments website and download Kontakt Player and Native Access, input our serial and download the product. Then go to your DAW/NLE  and summon Kontakt Player and Foleysoft footsteps will apear in the left browser. Select Assembly and start performing. There are many videos about kontakt player online so please check those out if you have issues. 

Are samples available in Wav files?

No, samples are only inside Foleysoft footstep sample library. You can record a few steps and bounce to wav. 

Easiest is to have an instrument track with an output to an audio track and record both midi and audio at the same time and later ajust the timing. 

How to use?

The easiest way is to create an instrument track on your DAW and later record the output into an audio track. You can also create a hosting track and send midi via a midi track. Either way, a MIDI keyboard controller is the easiest way to perform the steps.  There are 6 shoe types with assignable surfaces so the best way is to create 6 different midi/audio tracks and tackle similar scenes at onces. If a scene happens in a cabin with several characters then load a midi/audio track for each character. In the event that two characters use the same shoe type then try using the pitch shift to change the sound of one of the shoe types. Then sequence/record one character at a time and later edit the waveform for sync accuracy. Repeat for each character and once done, go to the next similar scene (indoor cabin) and repeat the process. Later do outdoors or coffee shop etc. 

What limitations does this library have?

Offering the full step and also editing front and heel brings some limitations to very short samples like running samples. These samples where originally recorded in realtime to create a realistic running step which meant the samples are close to each other and thus, creating a very short heel and front step sample which might sound abrupt. On the other hand, these might be use to create a different performance or sound option playing on the keyboard so try out and mix and match walk, pace and run for an enhanced variety and less “robotic” sound.

Can it do separate cloth pass?

Yes! A very cool feature that helps in creating realism is the cloth pass. This is essential for International M&E where removing prodcution tracks makes a scene sound very empty. Mute all the mic positions and play as usual but since there are not step samples , the cloth pass can be used for any character movement. 

Do you offer a demo?

Sadly no. The underlying plugin is Native Instruments Kontakt Player and it does not offer a demo period the way a vst plugin would. That is why we provided many video examples being played in solo/isolated mode and within the context of a scene.