About Us

We are small boutique sound design company dedicated to custom post production oriented performance sample libraries and software.

Our Story


Welcome to Foleysoft, a premier innovator in post-production audio solutions. Founded with a vision to simplify and enhance the post-production process, Foleysoft is committed to developing advanced software instruments tailored for the professional audio industry.

In the early years we operated in a small Burbank studio, managing audio post-production for a multitude of TV shows from major networks like Fox, Disney, and Universal. Faced with demanding deadlines, we tried the concept of “finger foley” to meet the challenges of tight production schedules. Despite initial skepticism and the absence of available products, our team successfully implemented this technique, developing a foundational instrument in NI Battery. This instrument relied on meticulously recorded footsteps for common scenes, requiring continuous updates in collaboration with re-recording mixers and sound designers for each new show or recurring scene.

As the industry evolved, so did Foleysoft. Transitioning from sound design for movies to the music side of sound design, we discovered the necessity for realistic and competitive instruments in the post production world that would match what is happening in the music production world. This realization led to the creation of Foleysoft Footsteps, our flagship product, meticulously recording in a state of the art studio and crafted with over 50,000 step samples to ensure consistent triggers across different steps, surfaces, mic positions, and 10x round robins which ended with over 200,000 of individual wav file samples.

While Kontakt served as the primary software for our journey, Foleysoft expanded its offerings to include standalone plugins and products designed to enhance the post-audio experience. The Typing SFX, developed to bring realism to typing sound effects, and the HUD/UI SFX, a venture into game design, exemplify our commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio creativity.

Collaborating with professionals in foley recording and code implementation, Foleysoft continues to shape the future of post-production audio. Our dedication to detail and innovation is evident in every product, ensuring that each meets the exacting standards of industry professionals.

Explore the Foleysoft difference and discover how our commitment to excellence and creativity continues to redefine the landscape of post-production audio.