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Please Here Read First

We understand that sometimes things don’t go as smooth as we hope but please try to read our FAQ and info on our products before contacting us or posting in social media out of frustration. When contacting us please let us know your order number, product, system info and version of kontakt or software. With this information we can provide a faster response. There are also a lot of resources online about kontakt and sample libraries that you can Google. Unless your issue is specific, please check out our FAQ or Google as that will help your issue faster. And dont forget to check your spam email folder where order details might have landed!

What is the Copyright or EULA?

Please read our EULA (Terms and Conditions here)

Terms and Conditions


Kontakt Full vs Kontakt Player vs No Serial

Native Instruments provides a free (player) and paid (FULL) versions of Kontakt. Our products stating that are compatible with Kontakt Player will provide a serial numbers. Kontakt  can be downloaded and authorized with Native Access available at Native Instruments website. For Kontakt “Full” compatible libraries, you will need to own the full (paid) version of Kontakt to be able to our products them. Please do research before buying any product. The samples inside Kontakt Full will be also available as wav files. 


Privacy and Security

Payment is through Paypal and the information is for the invoices. Many EU countries need full invoices for their taxes so thats why the checkout requests all the info. You can omit your real info as long as the email is correct since the product will be delivered through email. There are also website cookies but its basically Facebook and Google doing their usual thing of trying to get you to buy more similar stuff. We do not sell or exploit your info. We might send occasional email about new prodcut releases and updates and those can be opt-out. 

Payment and Cards

Paypal offers credit card options as well if you do not have a paypal account. Credit Card info will remain part of Paypal security and is not part of the information this site collects or keeps. We do not care about your address or real name for the sites info, but Paypals checkout page might need it. And it doesnt have to be the same. We only need your real email for product delivery.

Getting your product

After purchase you will get an email with instructions and a link. Also, under “my account” you can download your product.  If your product is a Kontakt Player library then a serial number will be provided, if its a Kontakt Full then no serial will be provided and its understood you have Kontakt FULL version installed. Please check you have Kontakt full prior to buying as this maybe a source of frustration for those unaware on how Kontakt Player vs Full works.

For Kontakt Player products please head over to Native Instruments and Download the Native Acces app and use the serial number we provided. 

Compatible DAWs

Kontakt is a plugin hat works on all DAWs. Our products work inside kontakt. If the sample library is for Kontakt Full then you will need to purchase kontakt full version from Native Instruments. Kontakt full libraries will contain the wav files which can be drag and dropped onto any DAW. Kontakt Player libraries will have these wav files encoded and wont be accesible. 


Please provide your DAW, OS and order number/email so we can easily provide support. We realize issues can be frustrating so providing this info upfront it will help speed up the process.

Missing Emails/Product?

Sometimes emails from the system land in the junk/spam/trash mail folder. Please check before emailig us. 

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